Emergency Aid Request

Are you a Victoria College student facing a temporary financial hardship from an unexpected event such as loss of job, car repairs, unforeseen medical expenses, etc.? Victoria College may be able to provide financial help so you can stay on track to reach your academic and vocational goals.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be currently enrolled at Victoria College at the time of awarding emergency aid.
  • You must have a temporary financial hardship resulting from an unexpected emergency, accident or unforeseen event.

Important Notes:

  • Students are limited to a maximum award of $500 per academic year.
  • Please provide details within your application for the evaluating committee to understand the cause of the emergency and the details of your need.
  • Although documentation is not required during application, you may be asked to provide supporting documentation later.
  • Emergency funding is not guaranteed. Victoria College support staff may refer you to community resources who are better positioned to support your needs if unable to assist.

Ineligible expenses:

  • Emergency aid funds will not cover nonessential utilities (i.e., cable, internet, phone), insurance costs, application or test fees, household costs not related to emergencies, or non-emergency travel.
  • Unmanaged expenses due to a result of poor financial management does not constitute an emergency.

Although not the intention of Victoria College's Emergency Aid program, funds may be available for expenses such as textbooks, fees, or outstanding balances related to school.

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Assistance Request

Have you experienced an unanticipated financial struggle that could derail your educational goals, such as

  • An eviction notice?
  • Difficulty paying utility bills?
  • A sudden vehicle repair?
  • A medical emergency?
  • Something else?

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Requests are reviewed weekly. A VC employee will contact you about your request status or for additional information.

After your request is processed, you will receive a short emailed survey about your experience.

Select the area(s) in which you are experiencing an emergency. For each area of need enter the emergency amount needed.

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Contact Bonnie Sparks, Support Services Coordinator, if you have questions about Emergency Aid requests: 361-582-2452, Bonnie.Sparks@VictoriaCollege.edu, or Student Services Building room 103B.